Constitution of IFEIA

Article 1 Name

The name of the organisation shall be:

The UK Independent Flight Examiners' and Instructors' Association, abbreviated as IFEIA (previously known as IFEA)

Article 2 Purpose

  • To provide a forum in which examiners and instructors may discuss matters of concern
  • To be a representative body for examiner and instructor interests with the CAA
  • To assist the CAA in achieving the highest examiner and instructor standards
  • To provide a channel for the dissemination of information of importance to examiners and instructors
  • To assist and promote examiner and instructor standardisation
  • To put forward to the CAA proposals for examiner and instructor selection, training and subsequent mentoring
  • To continually review the conditions under which examiners and instructors operate, such as contracts, fees, and test allocation
  • To establish a two-way dialogue with training organisations and other relevant bodies, so as to enhance working relationships, improve standards and standardisation

Article 3 Membership

Membership shall be open to any UK flight examiner or instructor who holds, or has held the appropriate certificate.

The Membership period shall be one year from the sign-up date..

Membership may be withdrawn under special circumstances, such as bringing the association into disrepute, criminal behaviour, etc.

Such decision will be vested with the Chair, and justified by his report of the circumstances at the next IFEIA meeting or in discussion with the vice-chairman.

Article 4 Finances

IFEIA shall be a "not for profit" organisation.

The yearly membership fee is set at £30 for all members. The membership fee will be reviewed by the IFEIA officers during the second half of any year, and a motion for the following year's fee put forward at a meeting.

The acceptance or rejection of the proposed fee will be based on a simple majority of members casting their votes at a meeting. If votes are tied, the chair will exercise the casting vote.

The officers of the organisation will from time to time agree expenditure for the following categories including, but not limited to:

1. In connection with meetings of the Association such as room hire
2. Travel expenses will normally only be paid to officers (and their nominated attendees) for meetings with official bodies, such as the UK CAA
3. Set up and maintenance of the website including the forum

All funds of the association will be held in a UK bank account, which will be maintained in credit at all times.

No expenditure in excess of £1000 will be made without the approval of at least two officers of the organisation.

In the event of the association closing, any remaining funds in the bank account will be distributed to charities as determined by the directors of IFEIA.

Article 5 Officers/Directors

The elected officers of the organisation shall include:

1. David Hoy - Chairman
2. Leon Smith - Deputy Chair
3. Neil McMillan - Resigned 1st May, 2024 - following illness

The tenure of all officers is for a minimum of two calendar years. The re-election or election of new officers for the following year will take place at a designated meeting during the second half of each calendar year.

Nominations from interested persons or recommendations for nomination must be received by the Chair in writing at least a week before the meeting.

The determination of officers will be by a simple majority of those attending the meeting. If votes are tied, the Chair will exercise the casting vote (or the Secretary if it is the Chair that is being elected).

In the event of resignation or ill health, a Director may be replaced by agreement of the remaining Director(s). Temporary posts transfer to permanent following a period of three months.

Article 6 Meetings

Normally one meeting will be convened in any calendar year. The location and timing of this meeting will take into account the preferences of members. Abnormally, this meeting may be held online.

Details of each meeting will normally be distributed by e-mail to each member at least a calendar month in advance.

The Minutes of each meeting will be communicated to every member as soon as possible following a meeting.